Board Members

Chair - Wendy MacKaben

Vice-Chair - Gregory Coronado

Trustee - Frank Miller

Trustee- Bill Sterk

Trustee - Vacant


District Manager - Daniell Frampton

Grounds Man - Michael Bruggman

Grounds Man - Gabriel Garcia



NOVEMBER 6, 2017 Colusa Cemetery District  Meeting.
Cemetery Board Meeting at 6:00 p.m. Board meetings are held at the Cemetery Office. 

(please call the office if you would like an item placed on the agenda)

cLOSED nOVEMBER 10, 2017

The cemetery will be closed on November 10, 2017 for Veterans day.  



Most frequently asked Questions?

Board Members and Staff



How do I schedule a  Service?

Call the Office at (530) 458-2650. The Office Manager will help with all your burial arrangements.


do you sell headstones?

No, we do not sell headstones. However, we do sell Headstone tubs. Headstone Tubs  preserve the life of the headstone and have a floral vase in them for convenience. Please Contact the office for more information.  

can we pre-purchase gravesites?

Yes! Pre-planning is a great idea, see the Office Manager to find gravesites for you and your loved ones.

Board Meetings & Announcements